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Discover our exclusive trailers 

in Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D & DCP


Le Repeater.

Inspired by Max Cooper's bulk of work, this new clip directed by Benoit Munoz takes you on a visual journey that will challenge both your projector and your loudspeakers.


Our first-ever clip was used for the first time at the ISE 2020 and mixed especially for the joint release of the then brand-new DTS:X Pro decoder (DTS:X mix coming).

Trinnov Music Machine.

Made in collaboration with Composer and builder of electromechanical music machines, Koka Nikoladze. This series of clips explores the interplay of sound, objects, and performance.
Music Machine One-1

Music Machine One

Koka Nikoladze first electromechanical music machine, using our iconic 3D microphone. First previewed at CEDIA Expo 2019, this clip was the first clip created especially for the new DTS-X Pro decoder (the DTS:X mix will be added later to this page), showcasing its extended immersive capabilities.

Music Machine Two

Music Machine Two

Inspired by the first release of our brand new WaveForming Technologies, Koka returns here with a playful clip using one of his most recent machines. Still using our 3D microphone, this clip concentrates on punchy bass sounds and other low-end delicacies.

Rows of Rows.

A psychedelic clip that will take viewers on an intense, short visual journey. Mixing concrete sounds and music together, this clip makes full use of all speakers available in any immersive layouts.


With the release of our unique WaveForming technology, we are taking Altitude users on a new journey. Bringing incredible seat to seat consistency and predictable/repeatable results, WaveForming resets and expands the expectation in terms of bass reproduction.


Prepare yourself to be shaken sonically and visually in this short clip, a sonic punch to the gut thanks to Waveforming.



Second sonic punch courtesy of WaveForming and its unique Propagation/Pressurization function.

Les Dieux.

Created in collaboration with Italian composer and visual artist Lucio Arese. This clip uses the artist's most famous work to date around a bass-heavy sound design to showcase the power of WaveForming.
Trinnov_Les Dieux


A short, impactful clip made in collaboration with French visual artist Brieuc Le Floc'h. An ode to our beloved 3D microphone and our love of controlled bass frequencies.

All clips produced by Benoit Munoz for Trinnov Audio

  • All Atmos clips mixed at MSM Studios, by David Merkl and Hans-Martin Buff.
  • DTS-X Pro mixes by Bob DeMaa for Xperi.
  • All Auro 3D mixes courtesy of Auro Technologies.

Additional Dolby Atmos mixing by Erwan Le Mao.

Encoding by Raphael Tabutin